What's new with the Horizon Memory Craft 15000?

NEW Sewing Features
  • 510 Built-in stitches - 10 new stitches
  • Addition of a maximum stitch width limit function for variable Zig Zag stitch
  • New spool cap to accommodate larger threads
NEW Embroidery Features
  • Stitch number selection feature
  • Import and read .DST format
  • Import embroidery designs from App, Dropbox, Etc.
  • Corner layout function for embroidery designs is now available
  • One Touch Monochrome Feature - Easily convert a multi-color design to single color
Other NEW Features
  • Wi-Fi Certification
  • Horizon Link Suite - Remove locking stitch (For linking the specific stippling parts only)
  • Screen saver app
  • Addition of function for direct input of stitch numbers
  • New opening screen design
  • Function to now go from Warning screen directly to lock mode

New Stitches

The Horizon Memory Craft 15000 v2 has a total of 510 stitches. 10 new stitches are now available.

New Embroidery App

The AcuDesign App is now included with the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 v2.0
  • Import, export and edit embroidery design files
  • 500 included embroidery designs
  • Scale your designs, change thread colors, fabric type and automatically adjust the density of embroidery designs.
  • Preview designs in Photorealistic preview and stitching simulation to ensure perfection every time. Share your designs with your friends on Facebook with one click.

New Features and add-ons in AcuEdit and AcuMonitor

Application software has been revised to match iOS7.

AcuEdit Add-ons

  • 9 new writing styles have been added to give a total of 10 avaialable fonts.
    Script, Cheltenham, Bauhaus, Galant, Typist, Brush, First Grade, Hollowblock and Jupiter.
  • Use email applications, Dropbox and other storages to save and download embroidery designs. Supported formats are JEF, JEF+ and JPX.

AcuMonitor add-ons

  • Now scroll on screen by using 2 fingers
  • Improved operability and additional information can now be displayed.
  • Display a magnified image of the design being embroidered.
  • Display the current needle drop position
  • Display how much embroidery time is remaining per layer color

New Modifications to Horizon Link Suite


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Landscape Format

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