The Power To Bring My Creative Vision To Life

Understanding that the easier the tools are to use, the more creative I can become. Giving me the speed, precision and built-in options to take off on my own. Guaranteeing the highest level of reliability and ease-of-use right out of the box. I want quality, variety and innovation. I want a machine that thinks like me.

In 1990, the Janome Sewing Machine Company changed sewing forever by introducing the first machine that allowed sewists to do professional-style embroidery at home. The Memory Craft 8000 sewing and embroidery machine opened up a new world to quilters, home décor enthusiasts, garment makers, and fabric artists.

Twenty-four years later, Janome has introduced another machine that will enable its users to attain a new level of creative expression: the Horizon Memory Craft 15000.

Nothing Matters More Than Stitch Quality

When we ask Janome customers to name the one thing they love most about their Memory Craft machines, they always answer, "the quality of the stitches." The MC15000 furthers that legacy with industrial-quality stitches that give everything you make a professional finish.

Choose From 510 Stitches, Many of them 9mm Wide

This machine has the most sewing and decorative stitches ever on a Memory Craft. Choose from Heirloom, Appliqué, Satin, Quilting, Decorative, Play, Utility, and more. Many are 9 mm wide for a bigger, bolder effect. In addition the MC15000 has 13 buttonholes for every kind of application.

Easily Edit And Combine Stitches

Each stitch is easily modified for length and width. Dozens of them can be flipped horizontally or vetically. And you can combine various stitches to make custom sequences that can be immediately stitched out or saved to memory.

Create Your Own Custom Stitches On Your PC With Stitch Composer™ Software

Design your own original decorative stitches from scratch. Using the updated Stitch Composer™, it’s easier than ever. And your Memory Craft 15000 can use your new creation just like one of its own built-in stitches, altering length and width and adding it to combinations.

Vary The Width Of Your ZigZag While You Sew

It's a unique decorative effect. With this feature enabled, you begin sewing with a straight stitch. Then widen to a 9mm zigzag without stopping or ever taking your hands off your fabric. With Variable Zigzag, you use the knee lifter to broaden and taper stitches as you go.

Sew And Embroider At Up To 1,060 Stitches Per Minute

Those long seams and large embroidery designs get done quickly at 1,060 spm. But almost as important, the MC15000 can be set to sew very slowly as well--down to 60 spm--when you need it. Either way you still get excellent stitch quality.

Enjoy the Quiet

Listen to soft music while you sew. The MC15000 runs so precisely, it doesn't make a lot of noise. Compare the sound of this machine running at full speed to any other brand and you'll hear the difference.

The Power To Handle Heavy Fabric And Thick Seams

With a powerful motor and precise Superior Plus Feeding System, the MC15000 sews easily through the thickest fabrics. An improved Automatic Presser Foot Pressure function detects the thickness of your fabric and adjusts the pressure accordingly. It can apply up to 4.5 lbs of pressure, if needed.

91 needle positions

You don’t have to settle for “close enough.” Thanks to a 9mm stitch width, the Memory Craft 15000 is capable of more precise detail than ever on every decorative stitch. Position the needle with unprecedented accuracy for smoother transitions and perfect curves.

Choose From 13 Buttonholes

With such a large selection you're sure to find just the right one for your project. The new Buttonhole Foot with its Stabilizer Plate makes it easy to create the perfect style and size of buttonhole, even across seams.

Lots Of Work Space Without Dominating Your Work Space

There's a 17.25 bed with 11" to the right of the needle, so you have plenty of space for projects of virtually any size. But the machine itself, even with the embroidery unit in place, is just 24" wide.


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