Take My Quilting to a new Level

Creating my design, choosing my colors, changing my mind, trying something new... and ending up with a work of fabric art that’s uniquely mine. I might be a modern stylist one day and a traditionalist the next, but the stitching has to be smooth and even every time. I want to choose a creative direction and follow it wherever it leads me.
Big Quilt? No Problem!

Could you use a little more quilting room? The MC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft with a 17.25" bed and 11" to the right of the needle. Do traditional and free motion quilting without worrying about how you're going to get your quilt through the machine. No matter how big your creative ideas are, you're going to have the room to stitch them out. But with a total width of just 24", including the embroidery unit, the MC15000 doesn't take up a lot of room on your sewing table.

Smooth Free Motion Quilting

The stitching is incredibly precise, and this machine has the quiet power for hours of effortless free motion quilting. Set the speed for your comfort level. Choose your stitch and press the Start/Stop button. You have everything you need to lose yourself in smoothly drawn patterns and swirls.

Free motion quilting is an exciting creative form many quilters love. Because the MC15000 gives you a feeling of easy control, it's the ideal machine for this technique. You can select a sewing speed as slow as 60 spm all the way up to 1060 spm. No matter the speed you choose, the stitch mechanism on the MC15000 is so precise and smooth. And with the exclusive Variable Zigzag function, a quilter can begin with a straight stitch and gradually widen to a zigzag (and back again), all while the machine is sewing. The width of the zigzag is controlled by the knee lifter.

Design On A Bigger, More Vivid Touch Screen

When you sit down at the Horizon Memory Craft 15000, the first thing you notice is how big and bright the touchscreen is. With a full 800 x 480 pixel resolution and the capability of displaying more than 16,000,000 colors, it's like working with your favorite tablet computer. The screen is responsive to your lightest touch. Everything is where you expect it to be, making your creative process effortless and fun.

Use Embroidery Designs Created Just For Quilting

The MC15000 comes with dozens and dozens of designs that are especially formatted to fit in a quilt square (the shape of 3 of the embroidery hoops). From traditional favorites to modern motifs, you'll find just what you'll need for your project. And the hundreds of other designs include border designs, lettering, and other "parts" for putting together completely unique layouts.

Stipple Without A Long Arm Using AcuFil™ Quilting

Embroidery for quilting has its own requirements, and the MC15000 was designed with these in mind. Three of its five embroidery hoops are square to accommodate quilt designs. It also comes with the AcuFil™ software suite, which allows you to create precisely-matched stippling across an entire quilt top, one hooping at a time. The result is so perfectly aligned, it looks like the technique was done by an expert using a huge quilt frame.

The AcuFil™ Quilting system is built into the MC15000, with an accompanying software package you run on your PC.

You begin by entering your quilt dimensions into the AcuFil™ Calculator (up to 10' x 10'). The software calculates the exact stippling stitches to perfectly cover your entire quilt top. And you have many options at each step. Choose from dozens of embroidery quilting designs and stippling patterns to customize your quilt top.

Quilt Through The Thickest Layers With No Shifting, Using The AcuFeed Flex™ Feeding System

The AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system lets you quilt through multiple, thick layers with perfect precision. It utilizes two widths of sewing feet. And you can easily detach it from your machine when you're not using it.

The Dual Feed Twin Type feet take full advantage of the MC15000's 9mm stitch width. Using both of the upper feed dogs in conjunction with the lower feed dogs, they give you extra feeding traction.

The Dual Feed Single Type feet give you precise feeding while allowing you to get in close for things like attaching piping or installing zippers.

Extra Large Foot Controller With Remote Thread Cutter

This new quick-response foot control gives you more room for your foot while also giving you a more sensitive response. The remote thread cutter pedal can be mounted on either side of the pedal and is perfect for free motion quilting.

See Your Work With New Clarity: High Light™ & AcuView™ System

The MC15000 has an extensive LED lighting system. Using 10 lights in 5 locations, it's designed to give you a shadow-free work space. But sometimes you need greater illumination around the needle area. And that's where the HighLight comes in (or pulls out). Just extend this retractable lamp and aim it up or down, depending where you need the light. When you're done, it slides back into its slot.

The AcuView™ magnifier now comes with three different lenses from which to choose. They each pivot on a special patent-pending mount located above the presser foot to give you a close-up view of the sewing area.

Change Your Needle Plate In One Quick Step

There are times when a straight stitch needle plate with its smaller needle hole really makes a difference: for piecing quilts, sewing light fabric, or doing embroidery. This machine comes with the needle plate system you can switch in just seconds. Instead of undoing screws, simply push one lever to release the installed plate, then snap the new plate in place.

The MC15000 includes both standard and straight stitch plates. Because of their innovative design and unique quilting guide lines, these needle plates have been awarded a patent.


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