Create Embroidery Like I've Never Done Before

Accomplish larger and more thread-intensive embroidery in a single design layout. Importing and combining designs for a total stitch count of up to 200,000. Embroider up to1000 stitches per minute. Connecting with my iPad® or PC wirelessly. All this with the quality Janome is famous for. I want to go bold and beautiful. I want to explore “what's next."

Edit, Resize and Convert Embroidery Designs with All New AcuDesign™ App

AcuDesign is the embroidery app that gives you the ability to import stitch designs from various sources and modify them anywhere, anytime—even when you’re not connected to the Internet: personalize your designs using your iPhone/iPod or iPad to combine the right fabric and thread colors, choosing the design style that suits your project, as easy as pressing a button!

See it all before you export the design for your embroidery machine, in Photorealistic preview and stitching simulation to ensure perfection every time. AcuDesign introduces you to a whole new world of innovations where freedom and mobility are bound to make machine embroidery a real pleasure.

HMC15kv2 owners will receive a free download code for AcuDesign with their machine purchase. AcuDesign is also available in the App Store for download. Visit for details.

Create Design Layouts With The AcuEdit™ App

It's like opening up the touch screen on your iPad®. This app utilizes the complete MC15000 embroidery editing suite. AcuEdit™ functions include: Move, Rotate, Enlarge/Reduce, Mirror image, Vertical flip, Centering, Cornering, Copy and Paste, monogramming tools, and more. Users can import designs from the machine to the app and then send back the finished layout when it's ready to be stitched out.

AcuEdit™ is easy to use and yet powerful enough to create complex design layouts.

Check Embroidery Progress With The AcuMonitor™ App

While your MC15000 is embroidering away in your sewing room, take your iPad® to the kitchen and still keep tabs on the stitch out. AcuMonitor™ is the app designed to monitor your machine using your home's wireless network. You can use it to check embroidery progress, check your machine's status, and view a list of all thread colors for the design which is being embroidered.

Connects Wirelessly To Your iPad®, Laptop & PC Via Your Home's Wireless Connection

Your machine is designed to work with your favorite tech devices without having to hook up a bunch of cables. The MC15000 has built-in wireless connectivity to your laptop, your PC, and now, via the AcuDesign™, AcuMonitor™ and AcuEdit™ apps included with purchase, to your iPad®.

All three apps are available for download through the Apple App Store, and require an iPad® running iOS 6.0 or later. If you own an iPad® with these specs, you're invited to test drive the apps. To do this, open the App Store on your iPad®. Search for Janome. Find the AcuDesign™, AcuEdit™ and AcuMonitor™ apps and install them.

To try out the editing features on the AcuEdit™ on an iPad®, open the app and tap the flower icon down in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap the sample flower design, which will open up. Tap Done and the sample design will be imported into the edit screen. Tap the tool box icon to open up the editing tools. To try out the lettering, tap the Alphabet icon in the lower left corner of the main screen.

To preview the functionality of the AcuEdit™ on an iPad®, launch the app and tap the gears icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Turn on Demo Mode and press done. You'll be able to see what it looks like to monitor an embroidery stitch out.

Our Super-Precise Embroidery Unit Gives You Fantastic Stitch Quality

Janome Memory Craft embroidery machines have always set the standard for professional-quality embroidery. And the unit on the MC15000 takes this legacy even further. The unit utilizes three Linear Motion Guides with five ball bearing blocks to give an extremely stable and accurate embroidery motion. The result is embroidery stitch quality you simply can't find on any other brand.

Created using technology developed for high precision industrial robots, the embroidery mechanism movement is accurate to within hundredths of an inch. Yet it is so stable and reliable, it comes with a 25 year warranty against mechanical failure. And you can leave it on when you're doing your regular sewing.

The Bigger Screen Makes The Onscreen Embroidery Tools Even Easier

One of the reasons for the bigger, higher resolution screen is to make your onscreen editing as effortless as possible. Using your finger or the provided stylus, you can quickly create embroidery layouts. All your standard editing tools are included--like Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Rotate, etc. Plus advanced tools like Cornering, Centering, Letter Arcing & Spacing, and Color Sorting to group your thread colors for fewer thread changes.

New Faster Processor Speeds Your Embroidery Tasks

The MC15000 has a new internal processor that's twice as fast as its predecessor. You'll notice onscreen changes happen more quickly, especially in processor-intensive tasks like embroidery design transfers. This means you can open designs from your USB drive to your Ready to Sew screen 30% faster. Save designs to your USB drive 50% faster. And import designs from your USB drive to your Edit screen 370% faster.

Create With 480 Built-In Designs & the 500 AcuDesign™ Embroidery Designs

It's easy to import designs to the MC15000, but it comes with so many built-in designs, you won't have to go searching elsewhere for the perfect one. Divided into 15 categories, the designs have been optimized for the five embroidery hoops or to be used as elements in building a larger design. Choose from Redwork, Sashiko, Home Décor, Holiday, Tulle Lace, Border Designs, Cross Stitch Designs & Alphabet, Quilting Designs, and many more.

Monogram With 10 Different Fonts

It's easy to embroider 2 or 3 letter monograms. Choose your lettering from 10 different alphabets and your borders from 46 different motifs.

Choose From Exclusive Designs By Well-Known Designers

The built-in library includes embroidery created by well-known designers. Leah Day, Lonni Rossi, Jenny Hart, Stitchique, and Noriko Nozawa have each contributed five designs. Not only are these exclusive to the MC15000, but they've each been optimized for stitch-out on this machine.

Create Designs With Up To 200,000 Stitches

You can now create much larger, more thread-intensive embroidery in a single design layout. Import and combine designs with a total stitch count of up to 200,000. And then stitch them out at up to 1000 stitches per minute.

Get Into Tight Spaces With Free Arm Embroidery

It's easy to embroider 2 or 3 letter monograms. Choose your lettering from 10 different alphabets and your borders from 46 different motifs.

Smarter Design Import Via USB Drive

Your machine can import designs directly off a USB flash drive. No need to connect your computer just to transfer designs. Use your PC or laptop to find a design or even a whole layout you want to use. Save it to a USB stick. Plug it into the MC15000. Open with the on-screen layout tools, and you’re good to go. It's that simple.

Design Embroidery & Stitches On Your PC With The Powerful New Horizon Link™ Suite Software

The improved Horizon Link™ Suite Software includes: the EmbLink Tool for design and remote operation of MC15000, PatternCombo Tool for combining stitches, AcuFil Tool for creating stippling in the hoop, StitchComposer for creating your own stitches, ScreenSaver Tool to create your own custom screen saver on the MC15000, and more.

Enjoy The Easy Needle Threader

No matter how high tech your sewing machine, you want this basic task to be as easy as possible. The MC15000 has an improved needle threader that makes it truly hands free. Push a button, and the machine does the rest. You'll appreciate this new design with every thread change.


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