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Stitch Composer™

Stitch Composer™: Create Your Own Stitches

Stitch Composer™

Enjoy a level of creativity never before available on a Janome. You can actually create your own decorative stitches from scratch, and adjust them down to the finest detail.

With the software installed on your PC, you simply begin by clicking your mouse on the starting point icon and then clicking where you'd like to begin on the stitch grid. Each point you click after that is where the needle will make its next penetration. Create your stitch just like doing a dot-to-dot with straight lines or curves (where you use more points) until you have your stitch completed. Then you can go back and make fine adjustments, moving any of your points. You can copy and paste to repeat sections, making your stitch as complex as you like.

As you work you can play an animation of what your original stitch will look like as the machine sews it out.

When you're all done, you can save your stitch to your PC in the new .stx file format. Then click the Send button to transfer it to your MC12000 for stitching.

Import An Image To Trace Around

Let's say you want your stitch to look like a little cup and saucer. You can import an image of a cup and saucer into the Stitch Composer program to use as a background image. Now you can trace around the image to make your stitch just the shape you want.

It's Easy To Customize Built-In Stitches

Go beyond adjusting the length and width of the built-in stitches. You can bring any decorative stitch from your MC12000 into Stitch Composer and customize it any way you like. Then you can save your custom version as a .stx file--don't worry, the MC12000 won't allow you to save over an original built-in stitch.

Do you want more petals on a flower or a slightly different look for an heirloom stitch? Now you can make it exactly what you want.

The MC12000 has 425 built-in stitches. But when you can redraw them this easily, it's like having your choice of thousands of stitches.