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Linear Motion Embroidery System™

Slim And Precise: The New Linear Motion Embroidery System

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Janome embroidery machines have never had to rely on a bulky embroidery unit that sticks out from the side of the machine. Not only do these units require much more room on your sewing table, they often weigh as much as a small machine themselves--something you're reminded of each time you have to remove one to go back to regular sewing.

As we were designing our largest-ever embroidery area for the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, we were able to continues our tradition of sleek design with the help of a sister division at our company. In addition to making sewing machines, Janome is also a world leader in compact, industrial robots. Designed to perform mechanical assembly work with tolerances measured in thousandths of an inch, some of these robots actually help build Janome sewing machines.

One of the breakthrough improvements of our robotics division was the development of an arm that moves along the XY axes on three linear motion guides (instead of just one). Not only can the arm move quickly over a greater distance, it can do it with much greater accuracy.

When this technology was used to build the MC12000's Linear Motion Embroidery System, we utilized multiple ball bearings for smooth, stable movement. This minimizes wear on the parts and makes the whole system much quieter. The unit is also hermetically sealed to keep out dust so it can enjoy the longest possible operating life.

Easy To Attach, Easy To Remove

Attaching the embroidery unit to the back of your machine is simple. You set it against your machine so the dots line up. Then simply slide it into place. At less than five inches deep it takes up a small amount of room to the back of your machine.

You only need to remove it if you are transporting your MC12000. Otherwise you'll want to keep it attached for regular sewing as it will give you extra support for your project. But when you do want to take it off, it easily detaches and can be stored in the included carrying case.

The Linear Motion Embroidery System is the first of its kind from Janome. It's what allows the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 to enjoy industry-leading speed and embroidery quality over such a large area.