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AcuFeed Flex™: The Precise Feeding System You Can Remove

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of finishing your quilt. The top is done, your layers are put together and you're smoothly quilting through it all. It's wonderful, unless the bottom layers aren't feeding at the same speed as the top layers.

Several years ago, to solve this problem, we introduced the AcuFeed System. It soon became a favorite among quilters for its ability to move multiple layers under the needle with perfect precision. But as we were developing an AcuFeed just for the MC12000, we knew we could make it even better.

The new AcuFeed Flex feeding system gives you even better feeding results. It utilizes two widths of sewing feet. And you can easily detach it from your machine when you're not using it.

With the MC12000 having a 9mm stitch width, the new Dual Feed Twin Type feet take full advantage of this wider stance. They use both of the upper feed dogs in conjunction with the lower feed dogs. They give you extra feeding traction and allow you to use the machine's wider decorative stitches.

Dual Feed Single Type feet are just the thing for getting in close. Designed to feed narrower fabrics, you'll use them when you want to sew in piping or attach a zipper.

For both kinds of feet, the upper feed mechanism quickly detaches from the machine, and the feet are easily detached from the holder. For easier installation and removal, the rotation stopper has been eliminated, making it easier to access the screw.