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Embroidery is now easier and more enjoyable! The AcuDesgin app allows you to purchase, edit, import and export embroidery designs from your iOS mobile/tablet device. Purchase a redemption code to download the app today!
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Features at a Glance

Edit Designs

Use the edit features and in app tools to style your embroidery designs. You can easily customize each of the designs to edit, change size/thread color and order.

500 Pre Loaded Designs

Select from 500 pre-loaded designs. There are eight categories of embroidery designs to choose from. In app purchases are available to expand your library of designs.

Import Designs

The AcuDesign app allows users to import previously saved, edited or downloaded designs. Also, users can import designs using Dropbox or Airstash.

Change Thread Colors

Change the thread color and style from a list of many popular manufacturer's. Instantly create a shopping list of threads for your designs. Change the fabric type and color as well

3D Photorealistic Preview

View your embroidery design in real time 3D preview mode. Know exactly what your design will look like before you begin embroidering.

Stitch File Converter

Important and export and/or convert designs from/to various stitch file formats.